Welcome to Pegasus Health's 24th Annual Report

In this report, you will hear about our partnerships and collaborative work across the health system, both regionally and nationally.

You will hear about some of the ways we are partnering with people, practices, professions, businesses, organisations and the wider community, to bring the people of Canterbury the very best primary care system we can.

We have worked alongside practices, supporting them to deliver quality healthcare, guiding some through the Foundation Standard and providing additional assistance with Support Plus.

We have played a part in the Canterbury health system, working with the Canterbury Clinical Network. We have also partnered with Compass Health, Midland Health Network and Procare Health (Network 4) to deliver the Closing the Loop initiative for primary care mental health and addiction services.

Our role as a PHO sees us working closely with our community partners to further support vulnerable populations and assist them with accessing healthcare and improving their wellbeing. One example of this is our work with New Zealand Red Cross in extending our Partnership Community Workers service and offering a voucher system.

We hope you will be as proud and as excited as we are about what is happening here in Canterbury.


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