Highlights from the 25 year Anniversary celebration

Congratulations to individuals recognised at the 25 year anniversary event for their outstanding contribution made to...

Acute community care beyond General Practice

Dr Dave Richards and CDHB CEO David Meates

           Dr Dave Richards                     Sponsor: Canterbury DHB - CEO, David Meates

Practice nursing

Joy Harding and David Lang Chair Nurse Maude

           Joy Harding                                       Sponsor: Nurse Maude - Chair, David Lang

General Practice and population health

Dr Kim Burgess and Roger Sowry from Homecare Medical

           Dr Kim Burgess                      Sponsor: Homecare Medical - Chair, Roger Sowry

Health system integration

Carolyn Gullery and Andrew Hawkes from KPMG

          Carolyn Gullery, Executive Director Planning, Funding & Decision Support - Canterbury

           and West Coast DHB

           Sponsor: KPMG - Managing Partner, Andrew Hawkes

Improving the health response to family harm

Dr Clare Healy and Curt Ward from St John           Dr Clare Healy             Sponsor: St John - Clinical Practice Manager, Curt Ward

General Practice and its future

Dr Marie Burke and Oliver Richardson from 2Degrees

           Dr Marie Burke    Sponsor: 2degrees - Head of Public Sector, Oliver Richardson

General Practice by a GP

Dr John Hudson and Andrew Shaw from Lane Neave

          Dr John Hudson          Sponsor: Lane Neave - Managing Partner, Andrew Shaw



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