Nurse Membership Board 2018

Karen Carpenter, Jeanette Hight, Kerrie Hutchings and Nicky Scott.

Nurse Membership Board Chair’s Report
Nicky Scott, Chair
Pegasus Health Nurse Membership Ltd


It’s been a year of changes for Pegasus Health Nurse Membership Limited. Included in this were a number of personnel changes to the Nurse Membership Board since our last annual report.

At our AGM held September 2017:
We thanked Gill Currie, a director of three years who stood down to focus on her Nurse Practitioner role. Her dedication to the director role, passion for enhancing nursing and support of the directors were all very much appreciated.

We welcomed two new directors to the board, Karen Carpenter and Kerrie Hutchings who was previously a board intern. They have both embraced their new roles with great energy and are proving to be valuable additions alongside Jeanette Hight, Professor Les Toop and myself.

Retiring Professor Andrew Hornblow, an avid advocate for nursing, talked about his thoughts for the future of nursing which generated lively discussion. We are very grateful for his support throughout his years as director on the Pegasus Health Charitable Board.

For the first time at our AGM, we celebrated two retiring nurse members, Norma Heese and Janet Lockyer. They and their past colleagues Donna Allen and Jeanette Hight respectively told fabulous stories and anecdotes of their careers. It was an evening highlight and we plan to continue celebrating retirees at future AGMs.

During the year we have welcomed six new members, and said farewell to three - two members left General Practice and one member retired.
There were also a number of constitutional changes approved and carried.

The resolutions on constitutional changes were all carried:

  • The quorum size for shareholder meetings was reduced to 40%.
  • A director may be removed from office on the grounds of loss of trust and confidence.
  • No auditor be appointed for the financial statements for the 2017-2018 year.
  • Change to accounts preparation under the special purpose reporting framework.
  • Change to the constitution: Tenure (Chair) - maximum of three terms, renewed annually.

We had a wonderful turn-out to our mid- year meeting held in May. It was an informal get-together for colleagues outside of the formal general meeting environment. Members Fiona Blair and Sahra Ahmed spoke about their experiences spent working with the Red Cross on overseas humanity missions. Both nurses shared their clinical experience, the strength of the human spirit and the wealth of experience they both have had to apply to these challenging situations.

We had very positive feedback about the format with one member saying “Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the membership leaders for organising a fantastic meeting this week. All your efforts are very much appreciated by those who get so much out of these meetings”.

As a result we have decided to take a different approach, choosing to celebrate our successes and provide a forum for innovative ideas or any changes which would enhance nurse membership.

Other highlights of the year include:
We gained some great insights from a Nurse Membership survey conducted earlier this year which had a 75% response rate. Support and collegiality were common responses to why nurses became members.

We have updated short videos from new and longstanding members and directors and produced a new brochure about membership. We encourage all our members to check these out and help promote nurse membership. They can both be seen on the Pegasus Health website.

Applications for our Nurse Membership scholarships (valued at $1500) will now be accepted all year round. This means members can apply when the opportunities present themselves.

It’s great to see the BeeFoundNZ Practice Nurse Locum service up and running. This is a direct result of consultation of the needs of members at a previous special general meeting put into action. We now encourage all practice nurses to use this service.

We sadly acknowledged this year the death of a retired member Cushla Shearer. Cushla spent many years as a practice nurse at Eastcare Health and was a supportive Nurse Member.

Thanks to Di Bos in the nursing team who is now our conduit to the organisation and fabulously helps us with our newsletters and accessing information.

Thanks also to Sue Zorn who is extremely efficient and works in the background keeping record on the activities of members and membership.
We thank Susan Taylor (who is leaving Pegasus Health) very much for her skilled work with our meeting minutes and organisation of all things governance. Susan, your help has been much appreciated.

Last but not least, to Professor Les Toop our fellow director who is retiring this year, we whole heartedly thank you. Your unwavering collaborative support, wise counsel and dedication to nursing and the organisation has been second to none. We wish you all the best, enjoying your director retirement.

 Sign out