24 Hour Surgery’s first year at Pegasus House

One year has come and gone since the 24 Hour Surgery (24HS) opened the doors to its new facility at 401 Madras Street.

The 24HS team say, “The transition has gone smoothly with the new facility providing an improved working environment for our staff and a much better experience for our patients.”

The busiest day in the first year was Christmas Eve with 411 patients walking through the door, while the busiest hour was between 11am and noon on 2 July with 44 patients presenting.

“It feels like we have settled into business as usual, providing urgent around the clock care to the community, with an emphasis on team work and communication,” says Bernadette Hayes, 24HS Clinical Nurse Leader.

Medical officers (MOs) have covered 70% of the shifts (56% of Public Holidays, 88% of Weekdays; and 43% of Weekends). Nine of the medical officers are now Fellows of the Royal NZ College of Urgent Care, with a further five MOs currently undertaking study in order to attain their fellowship.

At the end of June 2018 the team celebrated Simon Brokenshire’s leadership as Clinical Director (CD) for the past nine years and the start of a new era for him back on the floor as a Senior Medical Officer (SMO). Simon has been central in the ongoing growth of the 24HS service and the vital role it plays to help look after the Canterbury community and support general practice. He was also instrumental in the planning and seamless move to the new facility. Simon felt that with these milestones achieved, it was now time for him to return to a clinical role. “We were delighted and fortunate that Simon decided to stay with us in an SMO role,” says Claire McQuilken, Operations Manager.

The team also welcomed back Dr Jasmine MacKay who had been on Maternity leave and has now taken on the CD role. Jasmine had been working at the 24HS as an SMO for six years and is looking forward to helping make a difference at the surgery. “We have the best support within Pegasus, with the best facility. It’s a unique situation being part of a primary care organisation like Pegasus and one of the best facilities in New Zealand,” says Jasmine.

Jasmine is also looking forward to Dr Alf Scragg starting as GP Clinical Leader in late September this year. This is a new role that, in liaison with the Clinical Director, will have a major focus on supporting GPs working in the facility. Other duties will include clinical shifts as a SMO.

During the last year, the nursing leadership team has also developed and now includes, Clinical Nurse Educator Sheena McLeod, Acute Demand Coordinator Team Leader Cathy Cooper, Acute Demand Team Leader Debbie Marsden, and Acute Team Leaders Ann Ridden, Sylvia Russell and Kathleen Ashby each of whom have their own portfolios of responsibility.

“The team is committed to developing pathways for professional development, extending nursing roles and quality improvement to ensure our patients are well looked after”, says Bernadette.

We are delighted to report that Acute Demand Registered Nurse Chelsea Jones, completed the Registered Nurse (RN) Prescribing Pathway and achieved authorisation to prescribe in April 2018. This achievement is a milestone for the 24HS and the Acute Demand Community Nursing Team, as Chelsea is the first RN Prescriber to work at the 24HS.

This year a review was undertaken of the Fracture Clinic service we offer – the main aim was to streamline the process for patients, ensuring they received appropriate and timely follow up, as well as where possible reducing the need for multiple visits.

24 Hour Surgerys first year at Pegasus House infographic idea

Supporting the clinical work of the 24 Hour Surgery is a large contingent of staff from reception, facility assistants and administration staff. These people are integral to the smooth running of the facility.

Michelle Fritz was employed in the Facility Assistant Lead role, and this has strengthened the Facility Assistant team and the processes that allow the clinical area to be kept tidy and stocked, which is difficult task over a 24 hour period. The team is excited about how far we have come and the opportunities ahead.

Below is a small sample of the feedback we have received in the last year:

  • ‘The 24 Hour Surgery doctors and nurses are amazing….They helped me so much, and kept me calm. My son suffers from really bad croup, so last night he was seen super quickly and was treated like a celebrity. The nurses Louise and Joshua were fantastic. And the nurse at the front counter was amazing and helped hold him…. He was given a DVD player and popsicle and when we left, he said, “again, again, ok,” which means he wants to go back... keep up the hard work.’ 
  • ‘Ata mārie, ….From the moment I walked in the door and was greeted by the receptionist, I was made to feel at ease. The nurses and doctor who saw me were all professionally friendly, made sure I was well informed and comfortable at all times. Some of the staff were at the end of their shift, and yet they were still bright and engaging. I feel confident I understand what I need to do next, to take care of my wound.’ 
  • ‘I brought a colleague in for medical attention. We were seen by Michael. I wish to say thank you to Michael for the service he offered my friend. We both felt he was patient centred and provided great assessment of my colleague’s medical history. Once again thank you for the friendliness of the service.’
  • ‘Outstanding team and facility you operate at Pegasus Health Madras Street.’
  • ‘Dee, Arthur, Jacqui and Steve were all amazing, Great new building and facilities. Thank you.’


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