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A two year project by the Pegasus Health Business Information System team to develop and launch a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform has gone live.

The Sirius EMR system is now operating in two Christchurch general practices and an alpha site in Ashburton. Further practices are booked in to transition to Sirius by the end of the year, and we are expecting a significant number to transition to the new system over the next 12 months.

Initiated in 2016 in response to membership demand for a future focused patient management system, the Sirius EMR includes a patient management system, a patient portal, and portals for clinicians and extended care teams (e.g. pharmacists). It is based on Intrahealth’s widely used Profile platform and has been designed by local clinicians and practice managers for use here in Canterbury.

Pegasus Clinical Leader Information Technology and Sirius Clinical Reference Group member, Dr Martin Wilson, says Pegasus members asked for an EMR platform that would support a comprehensive and cohesive system of health care that was proactive, responsive and effective.

“We listened, we researched and we worked with the experts to configure an EMR that would meet the needs of our membership and patient communities. We knew it would be a huge challenge and we feel that the Sirius suite of products we’ve come up certainly fit the bill – for now and for the future.

It’s incredibly exciting to see this project come to fruition. The Sirius project has given Pegasus Health an opportunity to help shape the response to challenges facing General Practice in Canterbury. We’ve taken ownership of our future,” says Martin.

The project team has worked with the first practices to thoroughly test the product and the data migration tool, and to help develop and refine a 12-week implementation process that guides a practice through the change.”

“Some of the key learnings involved data migration. Our team was forced to find innovative ways to deal with duplicate data and worked hard to fine-tune the migration process. From a practice perspective, we learned the importance of ‘clean’ data and working with the practice early on to clean up files in their current system.

From an implementation perspective we learned the importance of making sure clinicians freed up time for the ‘Go live’ week so they could bed-in the new system without the pressure of a heavy patient load,” says Martin.

Feedback from reference groups, the alpha site and the first two production sites has inspired confidence that Sirius will meet the needs of Pegasus members.

“It’s intuitive, user-friendly and we know it will save them time and money while providing a great experience for the patient. We’re also incredibly proud of our 12 week implementation process. That 12 week period readies the practice for change with trainers and implementation team members supporting practice staff on the journey. Feedback shows that the support and implementation programme is what sets us apart,” says Martin.

The Sirius Team has a two year roll-out programme ahead.

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