Network 4 - a year of collaboration

Pegasus Health has been working with three large networks - Tū Ora Compass Health, Pinnacle Health and ProCare – in a collaboration known as Network 4 or N4.

N4 has co-developed a range of initiatives including innovation in Primary Mental Health service delivery, launched the Health Care Home (HCH) Collaborative which is now nationwide and growing, as well as having input into the design of the National Primary Care Data Service. We have also worked with partners on a new pilot with ACC.

Primary Mental Health and Closing the Loop

Published around two years ago ‘Closing the Loop’ was the manifestation of an N4 lead collaboration across the Mental Health sector. It set out five themes for change in the provision of mental health and addiction services. Subsequent to that a stepped model of care was developed to deliver meaningful change to the experience of people seeking and delivering mental health services.

This model prompted engagement across the sector and with various ministries and is reflected in the emerging government approach to mental health. The place of primary care is re-stated and in Canterbury the Primary Mental Health Service is evolving to better support General Practice to care for its patients experiencing non-acute mental health needs. Through Closing the Loop and work that followed, N4 is positively influencing the shape of mental health care throughout New Zealand.

The Health Care Home and Canterbury

Launched just over a year ago, the HCH Model of Care is a nationwide model of core components that, as part of a change programme, is intended to make for a better patient experience and support the viability of General Practice. In Canterbury our Integrated Family Health Services team has incorporated the HCH into the local change and support programme. The HCH collaborative comprises of PHO, DHB and RNZCGP members from around the country and is growing. There are currently almost 900,000 enrolled patients in practices that are part of the HCH process.

Pegasus is about to embark on taking some Canterbury practices through the certification process whereby their commitment to change and demonstrated progress will result in them becoming a Certified Health Care Home. Unlike other quality initiatives, the HCH certification process is based on continuous improvement and is fully supported by the IFHS team. There is no audit, no compliance checks and the IFHS team do the work to help practices achieve certification.

There is also growing interest in this programme at government level and the collaborative will advocate for more resources to support a different way of working.

ACC and High Tech Imaging

The reach and influence of the larger networks was recognised last year when ACC approached N4 to seek our support with a proof of concept/ pilot project. The project will provide training and support to GPs to enable them to order an MRI for patients with non-acute knee, shoulder or spinal pain. This project, working with Health Pathways, ERMS, local radiology, surgeons and General Practitioners will remove the need for a referral to a specialist for MRI and will enable a GP to order MRI and receive the reports before making a decision on the right care pathway.

This is due to commence in spring 2018 in Canterbury with Pegasus coordinating a pilot programme.

These are just some if the N4 initiatives that Pegasus has helped shape, design and inform. All are designed to support and enable General Practice.

As always, Pegasus works to ensure that Canterbury is well represented at all tables with a view to ensuring that the national developments in primary care have a Canterbury perspective.

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