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CCPG Logo 01The Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group (CCPG) is 10 years old in October. Since its inception it has formed close working relationships with the Canterbury DHB, Canterbury Clinical Network and Pegasus Health. CCPG aims to ensure pharmacists are core, valued members of the primary care team and able to deliver an enhanced range of evidence-based health services to improve patient outcomes, or in other words, better patient outcomes.

CCPG is involved in many services from a Medication Management Service to reaching out at community events to showcase pharmacy and its services. It also contracts pharmacies to provide services and act as referrers for Stop Smoking Services. Nineteen community pharmacies are currently contracted by CCPG to deliver the Smoker Motivation and Referral Service. Pharmacy workforce development is promoted by offering education sessions in topics like motivational conversations and cultural competency.

The Medication Management Service (MMS) was launched by CCPG in 2012. It is a free service to people who are eligible for New Zealand public health care and who live in the Canterbury Region. It offers Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) and Medication Therapy Assessments (MTAs) and provides a mobile MMS pharmacist service allowing in-home visits.

During a MUR a Pharmacist helps people better understand and self-manage their medicines while a MTA is a Pharmacist and General Practitioner collaboration, designed to make the most of the patient's medications in line with their goals of care.

During quarter four this year (April/ May/ June) a total of 252 MMS sessions were delivered.

  • 54 in-pharmacy MURs
  • 182 in-home MURs
  • 16 MTAs (in-home)

There’s no doubt the MMS is appreciated at the community level. Feedback received by CCPG from consumers who had a consultation during this quarter included:

“A very useful and informative service. Pharmacist very knowledgeable and informative in a non-threatening way. Gave confidence.”

“Great service, at no cost to customer – knowing your pharmacist is a great advantage.”

“Our pharmacist took the time to come to our house and explain the benefits of the ill effects of not following the professional advice.”coral

One such happy customer is Lincoln resident Coral (pictured right). Re-adjusting to life following the passing of both her husband of 60 years and a daughter, plus a move to the Selwyn District, Carol used the MTA process to refine her medicine regime. Pharmacist Shirin Namjou worked with both Carol and her General Practitioner, to remove some medications that were no longer needed and reduce the dose of others.

Coral says that “This has made it a lot easier for me.”

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